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The purpose of this organization is to touch the lives of a thousand women in a powerful way by providing opportunities for women to build relationships, learn about and support community needs, and explore the ideas and options of their own personal infinite possibilities and legacies.

Women of Infinite Possibilities is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes. WIP is a non-partisan and non-political organization and does not promote political candidates or parties.

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Adventure For Habitat Friday, May 6thPosted: 02-May-2016

Our next adventure will be in support of Habitat for Humanity – one of our Legacy partners.

On Friday May 6th we will meet at Lowe’s for a class on tiling a table top. The class time is 10-11:00 and will be in the tent in front of Lowe’s. 

Space is limited to 30 people.

Also, Weds the May 4th (8-12:00) will be a WIP Women Build Day for anyone who would like to participate. The address in 70269 F Street in Covington. 

If you are unable to participate that day but would like to spend some time building you can also build on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. 

Just contact Danielle 985-893-3172 Ext 222 to sign up for a different session. 

Between the class and the build session Habitat needs 50 volunteers so we encourage you to bring friends and family as long as they are over 16 years of age. 

Please make sure to sign up at our next WIP meeting. If you have questions feel free to contact Kim at or 504-239-0913

PEG - I Phone Rookie Too May 3rdPosted: 02-May-2016

Join us this Tuesday, May 3rd at 6:30. This Personal Empowerment Group will be held Leslie McGoey's home. Please contact Mimi Richard to reserve your spot at

Highlights From Dr. PresserPosted: 01-May-2016

Highlights from Dr. Presser's talk:

  • Women's symptoms are usually very different from those that men have.
    • may have no symptoms
    • could be just shortness of breath
    • may be shoulder pain
  • Heart disease is the #1 killer of women
  • Heart disease contributors:
    • Smoking
    • Immediate family history
    • Being overweight
    • High cholesterol
    • High BP
  • LA is part of the 'blubber belt.'  Called that due to foods typically eaten and the # of people overweight. LA is one of the top states for heart disease.
  • Having a high cholesterol number is not as important as the ratio between HDL and LDL.  The higher that ratio is, the more at risk a person is. Dr. Presser advised finding out what the person's Coronary Calcium Score is when the high ratio is found.
  • The single best test for heart problems is the "Coronary Calcium Score".  This is a 10 second CT scan.  Not covered by most insurances.  Costs $70 at Lakeview and Heart Hospitals.
    • Resulting score is compared to others in same age range.
    • Scan shows the amount of calcium that has built up on the arteries.  Plaque sticks  calcium.  The more plaque, the greater the risk for stroke or heart attack.
    • Very calcified arteries cause high systolic readings.
  • Stents have only been shown to decrease, not eliminate, heart condition symptoms.  The Northshore has the highest rate of stents.  Rather than inserting a stent, a patient should be placed on medical management.
  • Diabetics will get heart disease.
  • For a healthy heart, one needs to eat right with plenty of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and complex carbs and be active at least 45 minutes a day.